General Conditions

General terms and conditions for registering suppliers:

(a) The companies that require to carry out the supplier registration process for the first time request must fill the form at between January 1st and January 31th and between June 1st and June 30th of each term. It is the provider's responsibility to validate the information on the form before submitting it.

(b) The documentation for registration must be uploaded in PDF files on the pre- registration form filled out through the technological platform. Documentation received by other means is not accepted as valid.

(c) The registration or renewal of the registration of the company will be effect from the eighth (08) business day of having filled out the form correctly after review and approval by the Contract Area of ​​the Management of the FAC Purchasing Agency, who will notify the company of the authorization and its validity.

(d) In the event of new developments during the verification process carried out by the Contract Area, they will be notified to the company through the platform so that they can be corrected in a term not exceeding twenty (20) days, in the which the pertinent clarifications should be made with the attachment of the missing documents, as the case may be.

The platform for the entry for information only supports two validation attempts for each case created with spaces of 20 days to correct observations, therefore, it is the provider's responsibility to verify that the information is according to what is requested and clear enough to avoid future cancellations. If the documentation is not provided in this term, the Contract Area will proceed to cancel the registration process and will delete the documentation filed in the file.

(e) To remain active, the company must update the information, at least one month before the expiration of the subscription by filling the form at attaching the documents that are subject to endorsement, which They will be verified and validated by the Contract Area. It is solely and exclusively the responsibility of the company to maintain the current subscription if it wishes to participate in the contracting carried out by the Management of the FAC Purchasing Agency. If this procedure is not carried out, companies will have to start the registration process again.

(f)Once the company has user and password for login at, when is needed to carry out some type of update on the previously registered information such as (change of bank accounts, legal representative or attorney and capacity expansion) this process will be able to do by choosing update from the option list, then making the description of the activity and attaching the specific documentary supports in PDF format, it should be clarified that this specific procedure applies to make changes to the Supplier Registration process.

(g) The system will only allow market studies to be sent to those companies that are enabled on the platform, therefore, it is mandatory to register and keep updating it.

(h) The documentation provided by the company for registration must be duly translated into Spanish.

(i) The offerors must take into account that they will not be able to sign contracts that in their sum exceed the amount of the patrimonial capacity for the budget allowed for each term. However this capacity will be restored after fulfilling the contractual obligations.

(j) For the registration process, companies must have a liquidity greater than or equal to 1.5.

(k) The bidders that meet the capital capacity and liquidity requirements will be subject to verification and evaluation according to the structuring of the process.

(l) The financial statements to the last cut of the country of origin, must be duly translated into the Spanish language.

(m) Only companies that have been in force or in operation for a period equal to or greater than five (5) years will be admitted, except for listed companies defined as public in the United States.

(n) Companies with headquarters or bank accounts in tax havens will not be accepted, as well as companies with headquarters in countries with which the Ministry of National Defense considers that it cannot have a commercial relationship.

(o) It is an obligation to present for the purposes of obtaining the ACOFA Supplier Registry, the tax (income) declaration that was made to the government of the country where the domicile of the company is located, with its respective annexes; especially those where the partners, owners or shareholders are related. Manufacturers or companies that for legal or legal reasons cannot disclose the information of the shareholding or participation composition will be exempt from this requirement.

(p) The Purchasing agency of the Colombian Air Force will not accept in the registry of suppliers companies that are based in countries that the Ministry of National Defense considers that a commercial relationship cannot be had.

NOTE 1: The Contract Area of ​​ACOFA will carry out the documentary verification of the Company, the Legal Representative and their partners in official sources of information. The linking procedure will be suspended in the event that the provider is reported in some of the validations. Likewise, the Director of the Purchasing Agency will be informed, to determine the severity of the identified finding and give instructions thereon.

NOTE 2: The Colombian Air Force - Purchasing Agency Directorate ACOFA reserves the right to cancel a supplier registration or to reject applications for registration of a company or any of its partners, shareholders or owners when facts are found that attempt against the veracity of the information provided, good business customs, the morality of business relationships and ties and the principles that govern international contracting; for the term that the Administration may consider it and without prejudice to the legal actions that may take place.